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Psalm 51:10-12

Psalm 51:10–12 (ESV): "10  Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me. 11  Cast me not away from your presence, and take not your Holy Spirit from me. 12  Restore to me the joy of your salvation, and uphold me with a willing spirit."

Joy is a direct result of redemption and reconciliation. We can never really know true joy until we are cleansed from our sin and restored into the right relationship with God. Thus no restoration, no joy but through restoration, our joy abounds.

When David sinned with Bathsheba he tried to hide his transgression and thus his joy was taken. Because he wasn't being transparent his sin bred and he went from adultery to murder. Continuing to hide his sin further turned David's world downward and sucked all the joy of life from him. Then enters Nathan with a fresh rebuke from heaven. He told David a story about a king who took a poor man's only lamb and killed it and offered it as a meal to his friends. David became indignant and wanted to bring that man to justice. Nathan replied, "David, your that man!"

This psalm is the repentance of David for his sins. If we confess our sins God is faithful and justice to forgive our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness (1 Jn 1:9). David asked for a clean heart and right spirit. He also asked for a right relationship with God. He knew the Holy Spirit was the sign of salvation and because Christ hadn't come continual sacrifices has to be made to atone for sin so David pleaded with God not to remove His signet (Eph 1:13-14), the Holy Spirit from him which he will never do to a true believer. Finally comes the request for restoration and joy!

If you are lacking joy today perhaps its because there is a lack of restoration in your life. Your confession of sin restores your relationship with God and the joy of your salvation. Confess, repent, and let the joy of the Lord flood your heart and mind. Pray the prayer of David here with the understanding that our salvation is secure in Christ. Restore the joy of your salvation by restoring your relationship with God through the cleansing blood of His Son. He alone is the source of true joy.

Father, we thank You for allowing us to continually confess our sin and to receive your joy. We want to live in that state of restoration freely with no encumbrances. As we come to you in confession and repentance restore the joy that sin has robbed. We look to Christ alone for cleansing and we ask that You would fill us afresh with your Holy Spirit in Jesus' name, amen.
Psalm 56:8-9
Psalm 50:16-17

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