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Psalm 23:1

Psalm 23:1 (ESV): "The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want."

God is our all in all. In Him, we lack nothing good. The only requirement? He must be the Shepherd of our lives.

This is perhaps the most famous section of Scripture in the Bible. Some believe David was at the end of his life when he wrote this, some say it was during the years of his son's rebellion, while others say David wrote this as a young shepherd boy. Regardless, the meaning doesn't change, God is our everything. He gives us the rest from the physical and spiritual aspects of life. He refreshes us in times of weariness. He provides courage in the most terrifying of times in life. We lack no good thing in Him.

What are we likened to? Sheep! They are not inherently smart, they lack any sort of ability to defend themselves and they follow one by one even straight off cliffs. They have no sense about them that is why they need a Shepherd. To guide, lead, and protect them. Don't be offended by the truth embrace it! God wants to lead you but you must let Him. If you do you will find that you truly lack nothing.

Are you lacking today? Perhaps that is because you are trying to navigate through life without the Shepherd. You can't do it on your own friend. Let God lead the way for you. He has the road map that will bring rest to your soul, cause you to lie down in green pastures next to still waters. If you are afraid He will bring you courage, if you are being beaten up by life He will protect and defend you. Look to the Shepherd today. Surrender yourself fully to Him and let Him lead You. Jesus said,"I Am the Good sheep hear my voice." Bow to Him today and follow the path He sets before you.

Father, thank You for being our all in all. We lack nothing good in You. Help our hearts to recognize our need for Your leading in every situation. We cannot do this life on our own. We humbly surrender now to You oh Lord. Take our lives and magnify Your presence through us and let us experience the satisfaction that only You can bring we pray in Jesus name, amen!
Psalm 24:3-5
Psalm 22:14-15

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