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Psalm 141:3-4

Psalm 141:3–4 (ESV): "3  Set a guard, O Lord, over my mouth; keep watch over the door of my lips! 4  Do not let my heart incline to any evil, to busy myself with wicked deeds in company with men who work iniquity, and let me not eat of their delicacies!"

We must guard our hearts, minds, and lips against evil for the name of our Lord is at stake. We must be vigilant lest our actions/reactions glorify the devil and not the Lord.

David knew this temptation well. Without a proper defense of his heart, mind, and lips he was destined to fail. It was when he let his guard down that he committed adultery with Bathsheba and sent her husband Uriah to the front lines of the battle to be killed. He was well aware of the capacity of wickedness that is embedded in the flesh of all men so he warns us through this psalm to put up a garrison and guard ourselves internally so we don't fall into sin.

Our flesh is prone to fall into wickedness thus we must live with a heightened sense of awareness of this reality and protect ourselves. Don't let your heart and mind wander into wickedness by dwelling on bad thoughts for your lips will become loose and sin will prevail against you. Be diligent to starve out the flesh and abstain from those who practice wickedness. God has given us His Holy Spirit to empower us over the works of the flesh so walk in that power. Amen?

Father, we thank You for releasing us from the power of sin. We thank You for changing our nature from wickedness to righteousness. Protect us from falling backward into our old life. Give us wisdom and strength to guard our lips and hearts against the things that will bring reproach upon Your name. Let us live in a manner worthy of the calling we have received we pray in Jesus' name, amen.
Psalm 143:10
Psalm 135:5-6

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