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Psalm 100:5

Psalm 100:5 (ESV): "5  For the Lord is good; his steadfast love endures forever, and his faithfulness to all generations."

The nature of God is on display for all the world to see. He wants everyone to know He is good, He is love, He is faithful to all people everywhere. What He is communicating to us is that He is perfect in all of His ways.

The psalmist writes in this psalm of praise the reality of who God is. He is good. There has never been a moment from eternity past nor will there be in eternity future where God ceases to be good.
He can't be anything but good. The same goes true for love. He is love (1 Jn 4:8). That is who God is. He loves us at our worst and our best the exact same. His love is steadfast. It never wains. He is also faithful. God will never let us down. He will always do what He says. You can totally count on God always.

We worship God primarily for who He is and secondarily for what He has done. If God were never to do another thing in our lives He would still be worthy of all the adoration and praise we could give Him. We need to be reminded to worship Him because He is God. That means in the hard times we don't withhold worship, we continue on worshipping Him because He's God. The same holds true when we have no apparent needs. We worship God because He is worthy of worship. Give Him what is due to Him today. Worship Him because He is God who is good, steadfast in His love for us, and faithful to all of creation. Amen?

Father, You alone are worthy of our worship. There is none like You in all the earth. All praise, honor, and glory be to You alone. Thank You for who You are! You are truly good. You have never ceased to love us in every moment of our lives. You have shown us time and time again that You are faithful. May we raise the roof with our praise and declare to the world with our lives the worth of the One who hung the stars and created everything in the world. We love You Lord because You first loved us. May our hearts beat for You always we pray in Jesus' name, amen.
Psalm 101:3-4
Psalm 95:6-7

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