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Matthew 12:38-39

Matthew 12:38–39 (ESV): "38 Then some of the scribes and Pharisees answered him, saying, "Teacher, we wish to see a sign from you." 39 But he answered them, "An evil and adulterous generation seeks for a sign, but no sign will be given to it except the sign of the prophet Jonah."

The world wants to be continually wowed by God through signs and wonders. They will not walk by faith but by sight only. The Lord will not perform for us as if to prove Himself. He expects us to search the Scriptures and walk by faith. Stop asking for signs and start walking by faith and conviction!

When the religious leaders asked for a sign Jesus said an adulterous and evil generation seeks after a sign. Signs and wonders will not change the minds of those who are apostate, skeptical, or doubters. Faith is required to believe in Jesus. Thankfully God has given us the faith to believe. Jesus said the only sign that will be given is the sign of the prophet Jonah speaking of His resurrection. This would require them to walk by faith for who raises again from the dead?

Are you struggling with the will of God in your life today? Stop looking for signs and walk by faith. God put His Spirit in you to lead you so let Him lead. All the signs we need have been given. Now we must walk by faith trusting the still small voice of God. When you're not sure about His will stop taking steps until you are sure. Often those moments are more about timing than anything else. Walk by faith, Christian. You might get it wrong at times but error on the side of faith! His resurrection is the only sign we need, amen?

Father, we thank You for the sign of Jonah. The resurrection of Jesus gives us hope beyond the grave. Let us walk by faith all the days of our lives and never seek after more signs. Make the presence of Your Spirit so prevalent that we can sense His leading always we pray in Jesus name, amen.
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