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Luke 6:20

Luke 6:20 (ESV): "20 And he lifted up his eyes on his disciples, and said: Blessed are you who are poor, for yours is the kingdom of God."

In a recent interview with Elon Musk, the Babylonian Bee asked him if we would like to accept Christ. His response was, "I agree with the principles that Jesus advocated." Many folks try and come to God with their list of principle adherence. "Lord didn't I do these things in your name," and He will reply, "Depart from Me I never knew you. (Matt 7:22-23)" Blessed, meaning oh how happy, are the spiritually bankrupt for theirs IS the kingdom of God! It's the only way to inherit the Kingdom of God and to live for it!

The Beatitudes in Luke are often referred to as the Sermon on the Plains for Jesus came down from a mountain and stood with a great multitude on a level place as opposed to going up a mountain in Matthew 5. He was speaking to Christians when He gave the Beatitudes because only Holy Spirit regenerated people can truly live this way. His first principle was to always remain poor in spirit.

You and I have no spiritual wherewithal in the flesh to live for Christ. Jesus reminds us to never forget our need for spiritual help. Being poor in spirit means total bankruptcy. A poor person relies on others for what he needs. So too must we rely on the Holy Spirit to live for the Kingdom! Anything else will yield a fleshly endeavor that can never please God. Be poor in spirit Christian and you will live accordingly!

Father, help us never to forget our need for You. May we never try to live these kingdom principles out apart from the Spirit of God we pray in Jesus name, amen.
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