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Luke 10:29

Luke 10:29 (ESV): "29 But he, desiring to justify himself, said to Jesus, "And who is my neighbor?" 

Justification is a legal term that means "not guilty." It designates that a person is right before God. They are just-i-fied, it's just as if they had never sinned. The Bible describes one way to be justified, by grace, through faith, in Christ alone!

Mankind has struggled with the idea of being justified by grace and not works since the beginning of time. We want to tell the world, "I am right with God because I am a good person. I am righteous because of my self-will." The reality is, no one is good, no one is righteous, and thus no one is justified by who they are or what they do. Jesus came to work for us! People will forever want to justify themselves before God and say, "see God, I am worthy of Your Kingdom, I've kept Your law," and God will say, "I'm sorry but that isn't enough to get you into heaven."

Do you try to justify yourself before God by works? Even believers can slip into this mentality. We stand righteous in Christ alone, because of His works. The law is a tutor to bring us to Christ. It is meant to show us our flaws. The only words that can and will ever justify a person are, "Jesus be the Lord of my life." Remember that Christian. Walk by grace, through faith, in Christ alone all the days of your life for it is the only way to be justified before God. Amen?

Father, how prone we are to attempt to justify ourselves before You. Forgive us for trying to come to You in our own righteousness. May we forever rely on Your Son to justify us before You we pray in Jesus' name, amen!
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