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Job 13:14-15a

Job 13:14–15a (ESV): "14  Why should I take my flesh in my teeth and put my life in my hand? 15  Though he slay me, I will hope in him;"

It's one thing to have faith for healing and completely another thing to have faith through sickness. The one requires momentary trust and belief while the other requires continual trust and belief that God will see you through. We should have both!

Job came to a pinnacle moment in his conversation with his friends that totally took the wind from the enemy's sail. He said, "Though God slay me, I will hope in Him." Job wasn't saying I totally get why God is allowing this to happen. Nor was Job in total belief that all would work out well in the end. He said, "even if God takes my life I will still hope in Him."

it's in times of suffering that our faith can begin to waver. In these moments we must be strong and tenaciously declare "no matter what God I will hope in You." The way we maintain faith in times of difficulty is to remember who God says He is. He is the deliverer of our souls, the reconciler of the estranged, the way maker, and sustainer of life. We can trust that He is working on our behalf through the pain.

If God doesn't choose to heal physically He is still good. If He doesn't deliver us from difficulty all the days of our lives He is still loving, compassionate, and worthy of our praise. Jesus promised us difficulty and suffering. It's part of living in a fallen world and although God is totally in control of all things I must choose to trust in His plan no matter what. May we like Job declare with total faith "though He slay me, still I will hope in Him."

Father, You are our hope in all things. You alone can deliver from the grave. Give us faith like Abraham who when about to slay his son Issac had faith that no matter what You would turn the situation for the good. Give us a resolve that chooses to hope in You in hard times and refuses to defame You in any way we pray in Jesus' name, amen.
Job 16:1-3
Job 12:22-23

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