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Jeremiah 36:5-6

 Jeremiah 36:5–6 (ESV): "5 And Jeremiah ordered Baruch, saying, "I am banned from going to the house of the Lord, 6 so you are to go, and on a day of fasting in the hearing of all the people in the Lord's house you shall read the words of the Lord from the scroll that you have written at my dictation. You shall read them also in the hearing of all the men of Judah who come out of their cities."

God's prophetic voice will never be silenced. All the legislation in the world cannot stand against the Word of the Lord. It is truth and it stands forever, and it will never return void. God will not be silenced!

In the fourth year of Jehoiakim, Jeremiah was banned from coming to the house of the Lord. The king had come down against him because he spoke the prophetic truth relating to the coming judgment of Judah. King Jehoiakim didn't like the truth but rather ascribed to a false narrative of victory and freedom.

The Word of the Lord came to Jeremiah declaring that from the days of Josiah the house of Judah would hear of the disaster coming and thus He would not be silenced now! Rather, Jeremiah wrote down all that God had said and then sent Baruch to read it before the people in the house of the Lord. Fear fell upon all the people as they heard the proclamation of the judgment that was coming. God's prophetic Word was heard!

The demonic realm is always at war against God's Word for it is life and it is light. They would rather we stay in darkness. Sometimes the demonic realm works through man, as God allows, to attempt to silence the Word of the Lord. However, their plans will always fail for God will not be silenced. He will speak freely and will always have a remnant that will speak His truth. The masses may cower to legislation but God's true people will find other Spirit-led ways to get the word out. Don't ever be tempted to be silent when the world tells you that you are no longer to speak God's truth. Stand in the truth but be smart about it! Notice, Jeremiah didn't storm the house of the Lord demanding to speak. He sent someone else with God's Word! The demons didn't see that one coming. Lol. Don't fret Christian, be faithful, and for heaven's sake be smart (spirit-led). Amen?

Father, we thank You for the encouragement and truth during these times of confusion and chaos. We don't have to know the details because we know the end game, You win by a landslide. Keep Your church growing in the Word and speak through us in these last days. Let us never be silent but let us be Spirit-led in our sharing. Guide us as You prepare the world for Your soon return. Let Your Word do its work in and through us we pray in Jesus' name, amen!
Jeremiah 42:1-3
Jeremiah 35:18-19

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