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Genesis 47:25-26

Genesis 47:25–26 (ESV): "25 And they said, "You have saved our lives; may it please my lord, we will be servants to Pharaoh." 26 So Joseph made it a statute concerning the land of Egypt, and it stands to this day, that Pharaoh should have the fifth; the land of the priests alone did not become Pharaoh's."

The cost of salvation is all that you have but the benefit is you gain all that He has! It's not asking for much to give up that which you cannot keep to gain that which you cannot lose!Just remember, He owns it all then.

The famine in Egypt and Canaan became so bad that the people sold all that they had including their own lives to Pharaoh so they didn't die.Joseph then gave seed to the servants and had them plant grain and their payment was 4/5's (80%) of the harvest. Pharaoh would gain 1/5 (20%).Notice the thankfulness of the people!They recognized that Pharaoh had saved their lives and they got to keep 80% of everything they harvested even though Pharaoh rightfully owned it all.What a deal!

Translate that into our lives.We too were struck with a famine that would take our lives and our King purchased all that we had in order to save our lives. We are now 100% His.Everything we have is owned by Him and He requires some of it back.How much you say?Ten percent according to the Old Covenant but in the New Covenant it is in proportion to what you had been given (2 Cor 9:10-11).Be as generous to God as He has been to you!After all, it is all His and He has given you stewardship over these things. Be faithful!

Father, what more can we say but thank You!You have saved our lives through the ransom of Your Son!You have all of us, we are Your servants. Keep us free from greed and fill us with generosity to give sacrificially to the going forth of the Gospel.May our investment be made in heavenly things for it will be a far greater return. Speak to our hearts and help us to never grow weary in giving in Jesus name we pray, amen!

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Genesis 48:11-12
Genesis 45:4-8

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