Genesis 29:34–35 (ESV): "34 Again she conceived and bore a son, and said, "Now this time my husband will be attached to me, because I have borne him three sons." Therefore his name was called Levi. 35 And she conceived again and bore a son, and said, "This time I will praise the Lord." Therefore she called his name Judah. Then she ceased bearing."

People pleasing is exhausting. You can go to great lengths to seek the approval of man and never obtain it. The only person we ought to seek to please is the Lord.

Jacob made his way from Bethel to Haran where he met some sheep herders at a well outside the city. As he was talking to them Rachel, Labans daughter came to the well. Jacob was in love. He asked Laban for his daughters hand in marriage in exchange for seven years of labor. The time came when Jacob was to be married but the custom of the day was that the older sister must be married first so Laban gave Leah to Jacob and offered Rachel for another seven years of labor. Finally Rachel was his! Meanwhile, Leah began to bear children thinking for sure this would please her husband and compel him to love her like he loved Rachel since she was barren. After having three boys, Reuben, Simeon, and Levi she grew weary of laboring for her husbands affections so she gave her self totally to the Lord and bore another child naming him Judah, which means praise. Leah had finally become content by seeking the affections of the Lord alone.

Perhaps you are trying to please those around you for the sake of affection. You will never be able to labor enough to to gain everyone's approval. When we labor for God though there is a great satisfaction because He does not withhold His love from us based on what we do or what we don't do. We have His love always so He ought to have our total affection and service as well. Then our labor comes out of a place of worship and not out of a place of trying to gain Gods favor by what we do. Seek first the King and His Kingdom and He will take care of the rest!

Father we thank You that we already have Your favor and affection. You demonstrated that for us by giving us Your Son. We give ourselves over to You in the same way. Jesus came for so many who would never be please with Him. May we labor not for their approval but for Yours alone. Keep our hearts free to labor for the right reasons we pray in Jesus name, amen!