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Genesis 25:20-22

Genesis 25:20–22 (ESV): "21 And Isaac prayed to the Lord for his wife, because she was barren. And the Lord granted his prayer, and Rebekah his wife conceived. 22 The children struggled together within her, and she said, "If it is thus, why is this happening to me?" So she went to inquire of the Lord."

How many times have you had need of something but failed to ask? The Bible proclaims we have not because we ask not and we do not receive because we ask amiss (James 4:2-3). It all starts by taking a step of faith. Ask!

Issac was a miracle child birthed out of Sarah's barren womb. He knew first hand the miraculous touch of God. It was a no brainer for him then to petition the Lord when he found out Rebekah's womb was barren. God granted his request and Rebekah conceived. The two children began to fight in her womb. Rebekah inquired of the Lord why this was happening and the Lord revealed to her that two nations were in her womb that will be divided. The older shall serve the younger. After this Rebekah bore Esau and Jacob.

God cares about every detail of our lives. He has a will and a plan but He also has given room for us to petition His throne and make our requests known to Him. He desires to bless His kids. How much do we miss because we don't ask Him for things? Maybe it's a child, a job, a solution to a problem we have. You have not because you ask not. If you don't receive what you ask for it's because it doesn't fit within the parameters of Gods will. Ask and then rest in His sovereignty. But ask!

Father we come in the mighty name of Jesus today asking for a miracle. Only You can solve the issue at hand and we recognize that. May You in Your sovereign rule grant this request for the sake of Your glory. We ask and now rest in Your good and gracious hand. In Jesus name we pray, amen.
Genesis 25:31-34
Genesis 25:7-8

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