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Ezra 10:1

Ezra 10:1 (ESV): "While Ezra prayed and made confession, weeping and casting himself down before the house of God, a very great assembly of men, women, and children, gathered to him out of Israel, for the people wept bitterly."

How we respond to our own sin tells the story of what we really think about God. He is holy and we should walk fearfully before Him. If we are not utterly wrecked and shamefully convicted by even the smallest of transgressions or iniquities we do not have a proper view of God.

When Ezra showed up to Jerusalem the officials spoke to him regarding the people, priests, and Levites who had not kept themselves holy but had intermarried with the surrounding nations. When Ezra heard this he tore his clothes, pulled hair from his head and beard, and "sat appalled." He was literally wrecked by the sin of his brothers and sisters. He fasted until evening and then laid himself out before God pleading, praying and casting himself down before the Lord. When the people saw this they began to weep and confess their sins. They had come to realize the weight of their sin through a proper view of who God is.

Revival can only come when the people of God have an accurate view of God and their sin. The moment we become casual with our sin is the moment we have lost the correct view of God. He is holy and righteous and good and He deserves our obedience and adoration. When we correctly fear Him our sin will utterly wreck us. May we see Him as He truly is and may that melt our hearts in such a way that it keeps us from sinning.

If you've lost the fear of God study the person of God...who He says He is. It will restore the proper view of God and sin and cause us to repent as we ought! If you hope for revival then it must start here. Like Ezra, you too could be the catalyst used to revive a lost nation who has an incorrect view of God and a glib view of sin. It all starts with you!

Father, thank You for being who You are. Holy, just, good, and kind. Your love is incomprehensible and Your character is impeccable. Help us to really see You for who You are and may that turn our hearts to see our sin as You see it. Revive Your people we pray in Jesus' name, amen.
Nehemiah 2:2-3
Ezra 8:21

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