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Ezekiel 20:42

Ezekiel 20:42 (ESV): "42 And you shall know that I am the Lord, when I bring you into the land of Israel, the country that I swore to give to your fathers."

What must God do to prove His Lordship to you? Isn't creation itself enough to illustrate the power and authority of our great God? Why must He flex through deliverance and judgment to demonstrate to the world that He is the Lord?

Three times in the book of Ezekiel we read the phrase "and you shall know that I am the Lord." Twice the phrase is associated with judgment and once deliverance. In this case, God is speaking of deliverance. The people of Israel had gone after other gods. They aligned themselves with idols that were made with hands when they could have been worshipping the One True and Living God. Over and over they went after false gods and yet God time and time again proves Himself to them through deliverance. He promises once again to deliver them from the land of Babylon.

It's sad how quickly man forgets who God is. Man is notorious for departing the Living God for dead idols. It is something we have to know about ourselves and guard against. Anything can become an idol in our lives but there is only one Lord! Be sure to keep God in the proper place in your heart Christian. It's a moment-by-moment conscious decision. Don't let anything, and I mean anything, get in between you and God. Don't make Him prove Himself to you. Prove yourself to Him by remaining loyal. Amen?

Father, You are Lord overall. You don't need to prove Yourself to us but we do thank You that You love us enough that You will. Forgive us for going after things that make terrible gods. You are far too wonderful to depart. Keep our hearts focused on You we pray in Jesus' name, amen.
Ezekiel 21:14-15
Ezekiel 18:23

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