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Exodus 12:26-27

Exodus 12:26–27 (ESV): "26 And when your children say to you, 'What do you mean by this service?' 27 you shall say, 'It is the sacrifice of the Lord's Passover, for he passed over the houses of the people of Israel in Egypt, when he struck the Egyptians but spared our houses.' " And the people bowed their heads and worshiped."

Memorials are important! They draw our thoughts back to moments of significance that will help shape our future.

God told Moses and Aaron that He would passover the land and slay the first born male child of anyone who isn't covered by the blood of an unblemished lamb. All the Israelites were to place this blood on the lintel and door posts as a means of protection from the angel of death for judgment was coming. They were also to remove any leaven from their homes and make bread without it to signify it was done in a hurry. These things were to become a memorial to the nation of Israel from generation to generation to remember the deliverance of the Lord. Every year they were to celebrate this and think back on the might and power of God.

The Passover is a foreshadow of an even greater deliverance. Gods judgment would Passover those who were covered by the blood of The Lamb, His only begotten Son, Jesus. The blood on the door post and lintel formed a cross pointing us to the protective power of the cross of Christ. Leaven is a picture of sin and the removal of it signifies repentance. We must repent and turn to God in order for the blood to be applicable. Now every time we see a cross it reminds us of what Jesus has done and we can tell the next generation about our great God who delivers those who repent and put their faith in Jesus from eternal death. Remind yourself of this often. It will shape your future for sure.

Father we thank You for the vivid picture of the Lamb slain and the blood applied on behalf of those who need deliverance. Thank You that we can look back on the cross and reverently rejoice in the grace that was given by way of Your Son. May the remembrance of this shape our future in a way that brings You the utmost glory. Thank You Lord in Jesus name we pray, amen!
Exodus 12:40-42
Exodus 9:27-28

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