1 Chronicles 28:20 (ESV): "20 Then David said to Solomon his son, "Be strong and courageous and do it. Do not be afraid and do not be dismayed, for the Lord God, even my God, is with you. He will not leave you or forsake you, until all the work for the service of the house of the Lord is finished."

How comforting is it to know as a Christian that we are never alone! God promises to be with us always, to never leave us, and to gift us accordingly to accomplish His will.

At the end of David's life, he assembled all the leaders of Israel and exhorted them to follow the Lord. He reminded them of the promise God had given him to "establish his throne forever." David then turned to Solomon and encouraged him in the building of the Temple and the ruling of the people, that he would never be alone. God would be with him and never forsake. Thus David commands him to "be strong and courageous and do it."

What hinders you from accomplishing God's ordained plan? Does fear of failure capsize you? Does the feeling of ineptness regarding the task overwhelm you? Understand, if God has called you to it, He will see you through it! He not only has equipped each of us to succeed according to His plan, but He is also with us each step of the way. We are never alone! God will guide and direct us through every turn and change. So be strong and courageous and do it. He's got you.

Father, we thank You that You are forever faithful. What an amazing God we serve who is with us always, who never leaves us nor forsakes us. We thank You for the courage and faith to step out and accomplish Your purpose. Continue to guide and protect us, encourage and direct us as we set out to accomplish Your will we pray in Jesus' precious name, amen.