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2 Samuel 13:20-21

2 Samuel 13:20–21 (ESV): "20 And her brother Absalom said to her, "Has Amnon your brother been with you? Now hold your peace, my sister. He is your brother; do not take this to heart." So Tamar lived, a desolate woman, in her brother Absalom's house. 21 When King David heard of all these things, he was very angry." The world is a cold, da...
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2 Samuel 12:13-15

2 Samuel 12:13–15 (ESV): "13 David said to Nathan, "I have sinned against the Lord." And Nathan said to David, "The Lord also has put away your sin; you shall not die. 14 Nevertheless, because by this deed you have utterly scorned the Lord, the child who is born to you shall die." 15 Then Nathan went to his house." The wages of sin i...
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2 Samuel 9:3-6

2 Samuel 9:3–6 (ESV): "3 And the king said, "Is there not still someone of the house of Saul, that I may show the kindness of God to him?" Ziba said to the king, "There is still a son of Jonathan; he is crippled in his feet." 4 The king said to him, "Where is he?" And Ziba said to the king, "He is in the house of Machir the son of Ammiel,...
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2 Samuel 6:7-11

2 Samuel 6:7–11 (ESV): "7 And the anger of the Lord was kindled against Uzzah, and God struck him down there because of his error, and he died there beside the ark of God. 8 And David was angry because the Lord had broken out against Uzzah. And that place is called Perez-uzzah to this day. 9 And David was afraid of the Lord that day,...
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2 Samuel 5:23-25

2 Samuel 5:23–25 (ESV): "23 And when David inquired of the Lord, he said, "You shall not go up; go around to their rear, and come against them opposite the balsam trees. 24 And when you hear the sound of marching in the tops of the balsam trees, then rouse yourself, for then the Lord has gone out before you to strike down the army of the Philistine...
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2 Samuel 1:11-12

2 Samuel 1:11–12 (ESV): "11 Then David took hold of his clothes and tore them, and so did all the men who were with him. 12 And they mourned and wept and fasted until evening for Saul and for Jonathan his son and for the people of the Lord and for the house of Israel, because they had fallen by the sword." Dealing with the death of loved ...
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1 Samuel 30:22-24

1 Samuel 30:22–24 (ESV): 22 Then all the wicked and worthless fellows among the men who had gone with David said, "Because they did not go with us, we will not give them any of the spoil that we have recovered, except that each man may lead away his wife and children, and depart." 23 But David said, "You shall not do so, my brothers,...
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1 Samuel 24:4-7

1 Samuel 24:4–7 (ESV): "Then David arose and stealthily cut off a corner of Saul's robe. 5 And afterward, David's heart struck him, because he had cut off a corner of Saul's robe. 6 He said to his men, "The Lord forbid that I should do this thing to my lord, the Lord's anointed, to put out my hand against him, seeing he is the Lord's anointed." 7 S...
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1 Samuel 21:6

1 Samuel 21:6 (ESV): "6 So the priest gave him the holy bread, for there was no bread there but the bread of the Presence, which is removed from before the Lord, to be replaced by hot bread on the day it is taken away." Human need always takes precedence over law according to Jesus (Luke 6:3-4; Matthew 12:1-8). We are to defer to the law of love ab...
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1 Samuel 18:14-16

1 Samuel 18:14–16 (ESV): "14 And David had success in all his undertakings, for the Lord was with him. 15 And when Saul saw that he had great success, he stood in fearful awe of him. 16 But all Israel and Judah loved David, for he went out and came in before them." The greatest thing a person can have going for them is that the Lord is with them.&n...
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1 Samuel 17:38-40

1 Samuel 17:38–40 (ESV): "38 Then Saul clothed David with his armor. He put a helmet of bronze on his head and clothed him with a coat of mail, 39 and David strapped his sword over his armor. And he tried in vain to go, for he had not tested them. Then David said to Saul, "I cannot go with these, for I have not tested them." So David put ...
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1 Samuel 16:17-19

1 Samuel 16:17–19 (ESV): 17 So Saul said to his servants, "Provide for me a man who can play well and bring him to me." 18 One of the young men answered, "Behold, I have seen a son of Jesse the Bethlehemite, who is skillful in playing, a man of valor, a man of war, prudent in speech, and a man of good presence, and the Lord is with him." 19 Therefo...
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1 Samuel 16:6-7

1 Samuel 16:6–7 (ESV): 6 When they came, he looked on Eliab and thought, "Surely the Lord's anointed is before him." 7 But the Lord said to Samuel, "Do not look on his appearance or on the height of his stature, because I have rejected him. For the Lord sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the h...
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1 Samuel 15:24-26

1 Samuel 15:24–26 (ESV): 24 Saul said to Samuel, "I have sinned, for I have transgressed the commandment of the Lord and your words, because I feared the people and obeyed their voice. 25 Now therefore, please pardon my sin and return with me that I may bow before the Lord." 26 And Samuel said to Saul, "I will not return with you. For you have reje...
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1 Samuel 14:6-7

1 Samuel 14:6–7 (ESV): 6 Jonathan said to the young man who carried his armor, "Come, let us go over to the garrison of these uncircumcised. It may be that the Lord will work for us, for nothing can hinder the Lord from saving by many or by few." 7 And his armor-bearer said to him, "Do all that is in your heart. Do as you wish. Behold, I ...
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1 Samuel 13:12-14

1 Samuel 13:12–14 (ESV): 12 I said, 'Now the Philistines will come down against me at Gilgal, and I have not sought the favor of the Lord.' So I forced myself, and offered the burnt offering." 13 And Samuel said to Saul, "You have done foolishly. You have not kept the command of the Lord your God, with which he commanded you. For the...
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1 Samuel 8:7-9

1 Samuel 8:7–9 (ESV): 7 And the Lord said to Samuel, "Obey the voice of the people in all that they say to you, for they have not rejected you, but they have rejected me from being king over them. 8 According to all the deeds that they have done, from the day I brought them up out of Egypt even to this day, forsaking me and serving other ...
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1 Samuel 7:3-4

1 Samuel 7:3–4 (ESV): "3 And Samuel said to all the house of Israel, "If you are returning to the Lord with all your heart, then put away the foreign gods and the Ashtaroth from among you and direct your heart to the Lord and serve him only, and he will deliver you out of the hand of the Philistines." 4 So the people of Israel put away the Baals an...
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1 Samuel 5:1-3

1 Samuel 5:1–3 (ESV): "When the Philistines captured the ark of God, they brought it from Ebenezer to Ashdod. 2 Then the Philistines took the ark of God and brought it into the house of Dagon and set it up beside Dagon. 3 And when the people of Ashdod rose early the next day, behold, Dagon had fallen face downward on the ground before the ark of th...
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1 Samuel 2:28-30

1 Samuel 2:28–30 (ESV): "28 Did I choose him out of all the tribes of Israel to be my priest, to go up to my altar, to burn incense, to wear an ephod before me? I gave to the house of your father all my offerings by fire from the people of Israel. 29 Why then do you scorn my sacrifices and my offerings that I commanded for my dwelling, and honor yo...
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